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Unlocking the powerful RAIN technique...

Prior to reading Radical Compassion by Tara Brach, my inner-wisdom inspired me to write a note as a bookmark keepsake - "This book is going to be beautiful and timely in my life" , these profound words have gone onto ring true.

The RAIN technique is a tool l have been using since l first read the book in 2021. To revisit the topics within Radical Compassion, with the support of the download provided by its author, Tara Brach, has further enriched my experience.

The approach to read one chapter at a time, followed by answering the questions set out, not only in the book itself, but also within the resource, enabled me to make new discoveries - leading me to firmly believe revisiting this title arrived with perfect timing.

A new-found sense of stillness, kindness and self-compassion for myself and towards others has formed - a transformation completely instilled by the RAIN tool and technique (Recognise, Allow, Investigate, Nurture).

My ability to step, "above the line" of conscious awareness (as Tara describes with detail in her book) , and live in presence, has strengthened and wholly expanded. l feel much more centred in my response to my inner-self, which l have found has extended to my response to others.

Unreal othering and the empowering Tonglen meditation practice are significant highlights which l highly recommend you explore, as part of your own personal growth journey.

My take-aways - when l tap into self-compassion, it opens up the heart to such a heightened degree, creating a deep softening which flows through me, and out into my relationships with others. Seeing the inner gold glistening in a whole new light, l feel a wondrous transformation.

Here l share an quote from Radical Compassion which beautifully encapsulates the power of the RAIN technique...

"The gift of RAIN is that it reminds us to pause, reconnects us with a wise and compassionate presence, and allows us to align our lives with our hearts".

By sharing my thoughts on this book, l hope it encourages you to explore the RAIN tool - enabling you to reconnect with your own heart of gold.

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