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Creatively connect to Sweet Surrender...

It was my dear friend Aaron who shared this beautifully poetic track - Sweet Surrender, written by his best Australian friend Mardi. Once again, his timing was perfectly aligned, especially since it arrived into my life on the creative cusp of launching my Seeing The Invisible Line website.

Mardi Richie, owner and founder of Chakana Day Spa, a place of intuitive touch and healing, has organically woven her passions for music and wellbeing, to create a signature spa treatment - Ascend. This spiritual exclusive experience holistically integrates Chakana sound healing, and the soothing power of touch.

The ethos behind Mardi´s spa sound project completely resonates with me and STIL - the blending of wellbeing and the connective energising power of flow, generated by letting go.

"Bowing my head and just let come, whatever comes" - how wonderfully enchanting and wholly swept away by the gentle whispers of Sweet Surrender...

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