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One Year Wiser ...

To kick-start my first blog post of 2024, l would like to wish you a very Happy New Year! May your year a-head sparkle with joy, love and kindness.

It was during a visit to a Picasso art exhibition at the Fondation Beyeler, (a museum for modern and contemporary art in Riehen/Basel), that l came across this enriching title, One Year Wiser. A wonderfully illustrated book, by Mike Medaglia - overflowing with wisdom, in the form of 365 meditations.

The quote for 1st January ´The Only Journey is The One Within´ by Rainer Maria Rilke seems perfectly fitting to share as we begin another year.

Since reading and pondering on this particular quote, it occurs to me that these words beautifully compliment the ethos behind Seeing The Invisible Line - also reminding us that the journey we travel is the one within. l love the idea of bridging the self-journey connection through creative and reflective means.

Living from a place derived from within, can easily be forgotten, especially when we get caught up in the whirlwind of our daily lives.

What l have personally learnt along the way, is that taking the time to go within, and listen to our inner-wisdom is the most purest form of life navigation.

One Year Wiser has captivated my creative heart, and continues to serve me on a daily basis. My hope - that you may also find it just as resourceful and supportive.

May this post also act as an encouraging reminder to live your life from within.

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