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Living Untethered - fascinating and insightful read...

l have been an avid reader of Michael Singer´s work for many years now, since reading The Untethered Soul as well as The Surrender Experiment. His latest offering, Living Untethered has enabled my self-knowledge to go a step further.

A year ago we said goodbye to our beloved dog, Rupert. Leading up to this one-year anniversary l started to read Living Untethered. The topic on Samskaras was particularly striking, revealing a fresh perspective which guided me through this emotive day of remembrance.

Instead of re-living the grief, and heartbreaking moments of tenderly kissing Rupert goodbye, l found myself consciously choosing to celebrate his precious life, in the spacious freedom of the present moment.

By embracing the present moment with gratitude and appreciation, of having shared thirteen treasured years with our adorable Rupert, l have gone on to liberate myself from re-living pain and heartbreak. On the one-year anniversary of Rupert´s rainbow bridge travels, l felt completely surrounded by love, joy and serenity.

l believe this particular insight from Living Untethered arrived into my life when l needed it most - enabling deep personal growth, and what l like to call flow-in-motion.

My hope for you - that you also find this book just as fascinating, supportive and liberating.

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