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A place to creatively connect to your life´s flow

Welcome to Seeing The Invisible Line, a personal growth book and journal which is now written, and out in the universe to find its perfect publishing home. STIL is where you get to reveal hidden connections, to surrender to life, to be reminded to trust in moments of doubt and to feel empowered to follow your truest path.


Blending my personal growth and creativity, l am excited to be sharing these concepts, born out of discovering my own life´s flow, and would love

for you to join me on this journey.

And in the true spirit of STIL, l invite publishers or agents who feel aligned to connect with me to discover more. 


Shine brightly,


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Book News

Seeing The Invisible Line Book news
Book news
book news

Explore the STIL Collection

These beautifully printed postcards make the perfect gift for friends, loved ones or as home decoration. Have fun choosing your favourite one.

In the creative spirit of STIL, l invite retailers and boutique owners, who have interest to stock the collection, to contact me directly for further information.


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Seeing The Invisible Line Soundtrack -

songs behind the stories

It is a thrill to be able to share the ever-evolving playlist which holds such a magical presence behind some of the stories from Seeing The Invisible Line, an exciting personal development book and journal - enabling you to shine a new light

on your life´s path


About page

After graduating with a BA (Hons) in Visual Communication from the prestigious Edinburgh College of Art, and moving from the UK to Switzerland, my own life´s flow, combines 25 years of graphic design experience with 20 years of self-development and spiritual growth. 

This has led me along a creative path to develop a visually compelling contribution 

to serve you in the self-transformational immersive form of Seeing The Invisible Line. My journey is the reason I am here today: passionate about helping you to connect to the flow of life, to listen to your inner voice, walk your path with confidence, and clarity.


Latest posts from the STIL blog 

Have fun exploring my recommended books, podcasts, all things which help to expand personal growth & creativity - shining a light on a well of inspiration

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