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Meet Bhante Sujatha, the loving-kindness monk

It was a warm June evening in 2016, when l first had the pleasure to met Bhante Sujatha.

Prior to this, l had received an email from my dear friend Michelle, (co-founder of Haus Wabi-Sabi) asking if l had interest to join in...l immediately replied with an enthusiastic "oh yes please"...

l have wonderful memories of driving up the winding road, past the rolling hills that make up the Swiss landscape, feeling grateful for the navigation, helping me to arrive, just in-time to join the circle of other participants - all curious to dive into the teachings of the loving-kindness monk.

Roll on to 2023, and Bhante´s annual visit to Switzerland has been another joyous experience.

With the focus on rediscovering playfulness and healing through loving-kindness, l came away from both meditation evenings feeling a renewed sense of balance and inner-contentment.

Following on from the first evening, l found myself making a note of some the take-aways. Here are three snippets of enriching words of wisdom. l hope these insights help you, as you continue to navigate along your own path - connecting to life´s flow:

- Inner-joy resides within us all. It cannot be taken away from you

- Enjoy your life, have fun. It is short, so live your life

- Practicing self-care, enables you to care for others

And here´s, a sparkly gem which has personally created a monumental shift in my perspective...

"Happiness is an outward experience, contentment is an inward experience"

Thank you dear Bhante Sujatha for your loving-kindness teachings.

To discover more about Bhante´s work, you may like to check out his website and also sign up for his delightful and insightful Morning Coffee daily e-mail offerings.

You can also connect to Bhante through his meditations at Insight Timer.

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