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Music Meditations with a classical twist...

Gliding into the weekend, listening to a Saturday dose of classical music is pure joy - a small pleasure for my heart, mind and spirit.

Part and parcel of this weekly ritual, is to prepare a pot of coffee, slowly bake up a buttery croissant, (the Parisian kind) , and serve alongside a soulful helping of jam, or when the mood takes me, bitter seville marmalade.

Before this all takes place, l like to take a quiet moment for meditation practice.

So it was a wonderful surprise, to discover BBC Radio 3´s The Music & Meditation Podcast, while tuning into Saturday Breakfast. The extra sparkle - guest Gabrielle Bernstein.

Inspired by her books, podcasts and meditations, l felt a warm wave of excitement as l pressed play, and followed the engaging conversation between host Izzy Judd and Gabby.

The combination of the spoken word and classical piece worked its meditative magic -wondrously creating a flowing sense of confidence and freedom.

To listen to the episode click here - enjoy the visions it conjures up.

For those who want the guided meditations without the chat, each one is available separately as a Ten Minute Meditation.

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