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Superb podcast - Building Unstoppable Confidence...

l first heard Mel Robbins speaking during an episode, from the enriching You Can Heal Your Life Hay House Summit. l immediately thought "wow, love her high-vibe approach". My main-take away is connected to what has now become a daily ritual - consciously choosing to leave my phone in another room when the mobile alarm goes off, l am out of bed and up - goodbye snooze button, hello new day.

l recently tuned into her podcast, and the topic under the spotlight was Confidence: ToolKit for building Unstoppable Confidence (According to Research). The toolkit is filled with superb tools and truths, including two key reframes which l found striking and encouraging in its approach.

1. Confidence is the willingness to try.

This statement raises a smile, makes me feel good.

2. Everything leads you to somewhere...heartbreak teaches you the best lessons in life

Reflecting on this second statement reminded me, it was a heartbreak and a challenging chapter in my life which led me to create the Seeing The Invisible Line tool. Speaking from personal experience, these words from Mel Robbins completely resonates. l truly believe everything that happens in life leads you somewhere, somewhere, bigger and brighter than you can ever imagine.

l warmly encourage you to click on the visual, and listen to this amazing podcast. You may also like to consider browsing through other episodes, leading you to further fascinating insights.

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