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A Wish-Tree for Yoko - an interactive art installation...

It was during my graphic design studies at Edinburgh College of Art, that Yoko Ono´s work captivated my creative spirit. In addition to the main study of visual communication, l had the opportunity to choose a supplementary topic - l felt drawn to Japanese Culture, which led to beautiful insights, including exploring both traditional and modern themes.

As part of the class, we were asked to prepare a presentation on a Japanese related-topic or person of a designer/artist who already enjoyed conceptual art, it felt like a natural step to explore Yoko´s creations. l became completely enchanted by her ideas, approach and perspective. Exciting, witty, and refreshingly generated food for thought.

In recent times, l have enjoyed the meticulously curated exhibition, Yoko Ono:This Room Moves At The Same Speed As The Clouds, celebrating her conceptual work at the Kunsthaus, Zurich. It was a joy to see in-person, a replication of one of her most famous works, Ceiling Painting.

Consisting of a step ladder leading up to a panel, the beauty of this piece; the written word "YES", only legible by using the dangling magnifying glass - such a wonderfully crafted piece of conceptual art. l find the connected backstory to how John Lennon first met Yoko Ono, equally beautiful. Love the connection!

This leads me to share (Wish Tree) for Yoko Ono, in celebration of Yoko´s 90th birthday, an ongoing art installation started in 1996. It was fun to participate in this interactive experience. Above is a visual record of my virtual wish...

May this post act as an invitation for you to explore the virtual Wish Tree for Yoko Ono piece and make your own virtual wish - embrace connecting to your creative spirit.

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