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Mindfulness Daily - pause for thought...

Having read Radical Compassion, l felt drawn to explore more from meditation teacher, psychologist and author Tara Brach.

Mindfulness Daily, an online course from the Radical Institute has been the perfect follow-up.

Over a duration of 40 days, l enjoyed listening to daily 10-15min talks and meditations, which were beautifully alternated between Tara Brach and fellow meditation teacher, Jack Kornfield.

With my daily mediation ritual acting as an anchor, it felt invigorating to dive deeper into the awareness of breath, naming thoughts, as well as emotions, as they rose up. Observing without judgement is enabling me to cultivate further compassion for others, as well as self-compassion.

Since the training, I especially enjoy noticing how the gap between the breath, and thoughts, creates beauty in stillness - a tangible feeling of spaciousness and serenity.

Weaving in space for reflection, as well as the opportunity to revisit mindful basics, the 4-module based course encompasses emotional intelligence, resilience, healing & inner freedom, and closes with a section on mindful living.

The daily activity of showing up for each lesson through-out the 40 day course has been a magical and holistic experience, enabling me to gain deeper insight into mindfulness and its plethora of themes, topics and techniques - enriching my own mindfulness practice.

Utilising a STIL postcard and sticker, l created a simple notebook. This enabled me to record notes from each daily talk, as well as inspirational quotes and meditation techniques. Having such a hand-written piece to refer back made for a truly enhanced experience.

This insightful Mindfulness Daily Course, comes highly recommended. My top tip would be to complete one lesson per day, and in the outlined order, as l found each talk builds upon itself.

There´s also an opportunity to re-listen to each lesson - making it a wonderful personal growth resource to dive into.

If you wish to find out more, click on the link

On another mindfullness note...for those who would like to learn about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation specfically for seniors, please click on this insightful link.

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